Monday, December 6, 2010

Month of Memories - December 6th

Square peg, meet round hole.  That's Joshua in a nutshell.  He likes to be different, just for the sake of being different.  I'll never forget the time that he was in the phase of wearing his underwear backwards...just because he could.  So, then one day, he came downstairs with ALL of his clothes backwards...except his underwear, which of course he had on the right way so that everything else was still backwards to his underwear.  Riiiggghht.  Or there was the time when he went ALL winter without socks.  It was 55 degrees in his room at night and the child would not wear socks.  I'd go in in the mornings and say "Don't you want socks?  Aren't your feet cold?"  "Not cold," he'd assure me.  I'd feel them and they'd be ice cubes.  Then, out of the blue, in MAY he suddenly became inseparable with his socks and wore socks all summer!  Go figure.

You gotta love him though because he sure keeps you laughing.  And no one would ever accuse him of a lack of personality.  

Here is Joshua on "backwards" day :) 

Joshua and Andrew have always had a special relationship.  He loves being a big brother!
 Andrew is very sweet with Joshua, too.  He actually always insists on tucking Joshua into bed at night and giving him a goodnight kiss. :)
So, here's the actual memory.  When we were at my sister's wedding a few weeks ago, one afternoon Joshua was with my other sister, Deborah, who is 17.  He told her "Aunt Deborah, if you're not married by the time I am going to get married...I'll marry you." sweet.  
And seriously, who could turn this debonair guy down?

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Anonymous said...

your boys are so incredibly handsome...from the inside out. i love reading your blog!