Thursday, December 9, 2010

Month of Memories - December 9th

Today I am remembering childhood innocence.  Today I overheard the following conversation while Caleb was having his piano lesson:

Teacher: So, Caleb, what did you ask for for Christmas?
Caleb: Uhhhh....
T: Did you give you mom a Christmas list yet?
C: Ummmmm....
T: You know, a list for your parents or Santa of things you would like for Christmas?
C: Actually, my mom said that we might not get anything for Christmas this year.
T: What?!  But I see gifts under your tree already.
C: Yeah, those aren't for us.  They are for other people.

What cracked me up about this conversation was how clueless he still is to the idea of asking for things for Christmas.  Or even for his birthday.  And I love it.  Of course the boys will get some gifts for Christmas (and I did tell them this yesterday after the conversation!), but we really take a low-key approach to the whole thing.  Since the boys don't watch TV commercials, they really have no idea what they don't have...and we like it that way.  :)   I will always remember how the only thing Caleb requested for his birthday was a placemat of the Canadian provinces.  Priceless. 

I know this won't last forever.   But I am going to enjoy and encourage this innocence...and contentment with what they have...for as long as I can.  It's a beautiful thing.

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