Saturday, September 19, 2009

Annual Zoo Fun

For the last several years, we have taken a family trip to the National Zoo on Labor Day weekend. Since I was in Seattle on Labor Day this year, our zoo trip got pushed back a week. The weather was perfect the day we went. Most cloudy and about 70 degrees. No one got hot or cold. Amazing. And since it was cooler, many of the animals were out enjoying themselves. Philip's mom and dad met us at the Zoo for the day and we all had a great time. Here are some pictures from the day.

This was the second year we got great views of the pandas.

The elephant family was out to get a drink from the pond.

Grandma and the boys by the lioness

Andrew in the small mammal house since he is...a small mammal. :) (isn't his shirt adorable?)

Look at that cute face? I mean really...who couldn't love this kid?

Andrew looking seriously cute on the play cube we moved from the yard to the deck. He was wandering off the deck all over the yard, so we moved this up here, and closed off both deck exits. Now he can safely play to his heart's content. But while he can climb the slide and maneuver all over this thing...he is still, at 16 months+, not walking.

Comings and Goings

This was by far the busiest summer we've ever had. Between swim lessons, VBS, a trip to the beach, two trips to North Carolina and starting school, we had a lot going on! The summer passed by in a flash. But it was fun!

To end the summer, I was able to go visit my dear friend Laura, who introduced Philip and I over 10 year ago. She and I met on my first Teen Missions International team to the Czech Republic back in 1995. She and her family live near Seattle, WA, so it was quite a trip. I was blessed to be able to spend five whole days there, while Philip held down the fort at home. In addition to getting to visit some of my favorite Seattle area places, I was also able to spend an afternoon with Philip's Grandma and Aunt and Uncle. I had a blast...and apparently so did the boys. When asked by me when I returned home if they had missed me, Caleb replied "Yes, but we had FUN!" Good...maybe I'll get to do it again sometime. :) Here are a few pictures from my trip.

Here we are in Discovery Park. I was so happy the weather cleared up that last day so that I could see the mountains! I just love big mountains! And I just love Laura. :)

Laura's lovely family: husband Mayson, daughters R and K and son C.

Last time Philip and I saw Mayson and Laura in Seattle (when I was pregnant with Caleb), we took a picture with the four of us on this wall. So, we pretended Philip was there. :)

Here I am at Snoqualmie Falls. I called the boys from here because Caleb and I had been looking at youtube videos of these falls just a few weeks before. He asked me to take a picture for I did. :)
Such a fun visit with so many happy and wonderful memories made!