Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mission Successful!

In case you're all dying to know what happened as the result of our changing the way our boys earn treat and video privileges, I am pleased to report our plan was genius.  Suddenly, the boys' floors are always clean (except when they are actively playing), beds are neatly made, they are loading and unloading the dishwasher most of the time, folding the laundry and occasionally helping with other household chores.  Pure genius.  Since they are unable to have a treat or watch a video without having the points to pay for it and the only way to earn points is by doing the above, we have created a situation where work is required.  It makes them happy because they are still getting their privileges AND it has taught them to be a little more picky: i.e. if they don't love the treat options, they will save the points and not have one.  It makes me happy because I can see their carpets and they suddenly learned they WERE able to make their beds neatly! After all, a sloppy bed doesn't earn as many points as a neat one. :)  It's also made me more proactive about finding/leaving jobs for them to do, rather than just doing things myself.

In case you're interested, here's the system.  A few other notes on it.
1. If they don't have a clean room/made bed when we check, they lose the points they would have earned
2. If they lost a privilege during the day by bad behavior, they still have to pay the points as if they had gotten the privilege.

Rewards Chart

Treat After Dinner
Watch a Video
Exchange for Money                (50 points per dollar)

Point Earning Chart

Do 15 Minutes Worth of Chores, assigned by parent
Make Bed and put all clothes folded or hung in place
Floor Clean, Books on shelf, Papers put away
Set the Table (plates, forks, knives)
Clear the Table
Load the Dishwasher
Dustbust under Kitchen Table
Help make dinner
Unload the Dishwasher (5 for dishes, 6 for silverware)

Sort, Fold, Put away Laundry
Vacuum the entryway and kitchen with vacuum cleaner
Clean five windows or scrub walls and doors with cloth

Organize books on a bookcase
Clean the Bathroom (with Dad)
Organize and clean up toys in the basement

Memorize a chapter of the Bible (7-10 verses)

As for my productivity level, I have been doing better about staying on top of proactive chores, although the last two weeks have been bad Lyme weeks for me, so it has been challenging some days.  But I am working on it!