Monday, August 26, 2013

A New School Year

Clearly I have been delinquent in my posting here.  What a crazy busy time we've had since last October.  Nothing like moving to turn your world on its side.  I'm glad to say we're happily settled here, but changing houses does cause lots of work!

I kept busy over the summer by teaching 22 students (ages 8-15) the basics of cake decorating.  That was so fun for all of us!  It worked well to do that this summer since we have done zero traveling, for a variety of reasons.

The boys kept busy by playing, soccer mostly, with the neighborhood kids.  One of the biggest blessings of the move has been an explosion of available playmates for the boys.  They have loved it!

So, sadly for everyone summer is coming to a close and it is once again time to go "back to school." We dabbled our way back in this morning, with tears from all the boys at one time or another.  I softened the blow by making them an extra special lunch, which seems to have made the day "happily memorable" for them.  Score 1 for Mom!

Here they are!

And off we go!  Year 6 of Homeschooling, here we come!