Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Little Swimmers

Around the Hines household, this has been the summer to learn to swim. To get things started, we signed Caleb up for swim lessons at our neighborhood pool. The lessons met 2 times a week for three weeks. Caleb had told me earlier in the year that he wanted to learn to swim this summer, but when the time came for the lessons....he hated them! He cried and complained... Fortunately, he had a wonderful, patient teacher. The breakthrough came between lessons 2 and 3 when Philip was able to get him underwater multiple times one day by causing "shipwrecks" (Caleb would ride on his back in the pool, but the ship kept sinking). Eventually, he started warming up to the idea of going under water. Then, he tried goggles...and we were home free! His teacher couldn't believe the change! So, we were blessed to be able to come visit my parents in NC a few days after the lessons ended, and my dad took over where the teacher left off, making great progress during the week we were here.

Joshua, on the other hand, though he told me during Caleb's lessons that he too was ready to
learn, got cold feet. We couldn't even get him all the way into the water until our last day here. However, the next round of swim lessons began two days later and both boys were signed up, so it was too late for poor Joshua, who had decided he wanted to learn "when he was 5". He had a tough time during the lessons, but did make some progress. The amusing thing was I heard him comment to his classmates immediately following the last lesson: "It's so funny! I just finished swim lessons and I still don't know how to swim!" Ha! Well, right around the time their lessons ended, I decided I'd bring the boys back to NC. My brother Tim was home for a few weeks, so I figured we should take advantage. Again, my dad has been able to make a lot of progress with both boys. We still have a few more days here, but both of the boys are doing really great!

Caleb starting to work on his kick with my dad in July:

Then Dad moved on to trying to teach him to dive off the side and swim to the other side. Didn't quite make it.

Caleb had lots of fun jumping off the diving board. Last year with Philip. This year to Philip.

Finally on the last day, Joshua got in the water. Yeay!

This trip, Joshua has worked with Grandpa a lot. He has developed a good kick and is now decent at doing a stroke with his arms.

Caleb can now dive off the board and swim to the side without assistance. He can also swim the width of the pool without stopping, and dive off the board and swim to the deep end. He's hoping to swim all the way end to end by the time we leave on Sunday. We'll see!

Both boys have spent a lot of time swimming around on the noodles! And with Uncle Tim.

And lest we forget he is looking cute. He actually didn't like the float very much, but loves being in the water!