Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Two Poles...

Boy oh boy, over the last couple months, the differences between the two boys have become more and more obvious and distinct. Here are a few examples from the last couple days.

1. A ball was stuck behind something in the basement and Caleb wanted to get it out. He tried various "tools" to approach the problem from several angles: the "knock it out" angle, the "scoop it out" angle, the "reach it out" angle etc. Eventually he got it out...and then he wanted to put it back and see if he could find an alternate way to get it back out! Philip got a laugh about that...the engineering mind at work! (Joshua, meanwhile, was of course totally disinterested in the whole process!)

2. Last night around 5:00 Joshua said he wanted to have a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. Here is how the conversation then went:

Me: Joshua, we're going to have tacos for dinner
Josh: Tacos?!
Me: Yes, tacos
Josh: You mean with sour cream?
Me: Yes
J: and tomatoes?
Me: Yes
J: And cheese?
Me: Yes
J: oh WOW! I love tacos!
Me: I know you do. :)

3. At dinner, Joshua asked for the orange plate...knowing it's Caleb's favorite. I let him have it, since Caleb ALWAYS uses it, curious to see what Caleb's reaction would be. It was not good. First he asked to switch. Nope, sorry. Then he suggested that he could have it when Joshua was done eating. Nope, sorry...it will be dirty. Then he reminded us we have TWO orange plates. Yes, but the other one is already dirty in the dishwasher. All through dinner, Caleb just sits there looking dispondently at his burrito sitting on his green plate. As soon as Joshua is done eating, Caleb says "his plate isn't that dirty...can I have it?" Nope, sorry! Anyway, he did eventually eat, despite the green plate. :)

Caleb = routine, follow the rules
Joshua = freespirited and enthusiastic

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