Friday, January 25, 2008

2 Year Old Logic

This morning Joshua was observing the contents of a container of hair gel I had. The container is green, the gel is clear. This was his comment, about the gel inside:

"Actually, it's green because it's green actually."
Wow...can't argue with that! Kinda like Dr. just IS. :) That is the kind of thing Joshua says all the time. He apparently thinks himself to be an expert in nearly all subjects. He frequently parrots everything I say, or else when I make a factual comment of some type can usually be heard saying "yep" very emphatically as though he already knew that.

Here is how Joshua looks much of time...cheesy grin. :) He really is a very joyful kid and these days can often be heard saying "we're supposed to be HAPPY!"

P.S. Caleb's current puzzle conquest is 1000 pieces. So far he's probably about 50% done and hasn't asked for help yet. We'll keep ya posted. :)

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