Monday, January 28, 2008

He Did It!

Caleb did it! He completed the 1000 piece puzzle with no help from us! Wow! He was very proud! It probably took him about the same amount of time it would have taken me to do it! One would also think that while Caleb was doing his 1000 piece puzzle that he would have focused his efforts on the one puzzle, but oh no, he still had two other 500 piece puzzles in progress at the same time and was working on those as well, depending on which room he was in at the time. :) And yes, he has already selected and de-boxed the next 1000 piece challenge.

Caleb was also excited tonight because this afternoon, thanks to Freecycle, we acquired a game called "Rush Hour" which is supposed to be for ages 8 and up. I told him he could try playing when he was 6...maybe. But, I agreed we would let Philip open it tonight so we could see how hard it really was. After Philip did the first few (with the help of his non-engineer wife!), we let Caleb try and were surprised that he was not only able to solve the puzzles, but able to set up the board himself too! Go Caleb! He was thrilled to have proved me wrong. :)

In other news, Philip continues to pound away in the basement. He now has all three walls framed, the electrical work done (except for installing the light fixtures...but they are wired), and the air vent in. He is now working on adding an air return to the basement (there wasn't one before) and then will probably be ready to put up the dry wall! Wow!

And I am still pregnant and growing. Here I am last week at 24 weeks. This morning the baby and I played "poke" with his foot and my finger. It was fun. :) I tried to see if Joshua could feel "Benjamin" move this morning since he had been so active, but of course by then he was napping or something. So, I was prodding around to see if I could get some activity out of him. This was too much for Joshua to just watch...he had to join in the poking. THAT was not as much fun for me. Ouch. :) Oh well, Joshua will get to feel him worries about that. This kid is like a whirlwind when he gets going. Seems like that reminds me of my pregnancy with someone else...who was that? Oh right...Joshua. Yikes! Maybe he's getting all his energy out now and by the time little "Benjamin" arrives he will be a nice, sedate kid. :) I am also hoping to win the lottery without buying any tickets. :)

On the baby note, this morning after StrollerFit, a friend had her 4 month old lying on his tummy. Joshua came over and stroked his back and then came back a few minutes later and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. It was so sweet!

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Dottie said...

Congrats to you too! It looks like things are going well with with your prenancy. I also enjoyed looking at the basement updates. Take care!