Monday, January 14, 2008

Joshua Holds a Baby

Today we visited a friend, Liz, and her two week old little girl, Rachel. I was interested to see how the boys would respond to such a little one. Predictably, Caleb looked (and was amazed that she produced 10 dirty diapers a day!), but wasn't interested in touching or holding her. Joshua, on the other hand, was. We sat him on the couch and I helped him hold her for a while. He sat very still and just looked at her and smiled. Then I took her back. He asked her to hold her again! So, I re-positioned her on his lap. He snuggled with her head and stroked her face. I wish I had had the was very, very sweet! Hopefully this is a good indicator that he will be a loving and sweet big brother to our new little one! Caleb probably will too...he just takes longer to warm up to things. :)

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