Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"We Wanted A Girl Because...

Mommy says it is time for a girl," says Caleb when asked by Philip if he is excited to be having another BROTHER. Oh well. Mommy may have said it was time, but God didn't agree. Another boy will be joining us in May. He frequently makes his presence known with lots of movement. Philip was even able to feel him kick last week (a full 2.5 weeks in the pregnancy before we felt Caleb move). I am sure the boys will love having someone else to rough and tumble with...and it certainly means I'll have to buy less clothes! Maybe next time. :)

Caleb frequently asks "what shall we name the baby?" He and Joshua have decided on Benjamin. So, if you ask Caleb and he tells you that, don't believe him! We won't be releasing the baby's name before he is born! Gotta keep something a secret!

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Matthew and Eve said...

Congrats on another boy!! Having the clothes is definitely a good thing. My mom always tells me I'll end up in the poor house if we ever have a girl since I'd go crazy with the shopping :) Can't wait to see his picture on here soon! So glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.