Saturday, February 2, 2008

Joshua's Big News

As some of you know, I have not been the only pregnant person in our house. Joshua has been expecting almost as long as I have, and also experience some morning sickness a few months ago. His morning sickness seems to be gone...mine isn't. But anyway... Today Joshua has been telling me all about the "tiny baby" in his tummy. Every time he talks about the baby, he pulls up his shirt so that I can get a good look a his belly. Earlier the baby was apparently kicking and poking him. Just a little while ago, the baby wasn't feeling good. However, then Joshua found two Valentine conversation hearts on the floor and ate them (the reward for being a human vacuum cleaner) and then announced that the baby felt much better. Just now Joshua was telling me that his baby is going to born in a few weeks...and that he will be able to talk when he's born. Apparently, he baby will be 3 years old upon arrival. Josh plans to name the baby Larry. I asked Joshua HOW the baby was going to come out, but got a pretty vague answer. Seemed like his legs and feet might have been involved. ?? We'll let you know it goes... :)

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