Friday, February 22, 2008

Basement Update

Ok, so everyone has been asking: how is the basement going? Here's the answer! This was actually helpful for me to go back and look at because it feels (to me) like this project is taking forever, but the picture evidence shows major progress has been made. :) Last time I posted about this basement (1/28), Philip had the framing mostly finished, but since then he has finished the drywalling, installed two of the three new light fixtures, painted the ceilings in the whole basement, installed crown molding in the bedroom, painted the bedroom, primed the office room, primed most of the rest of the basement and started installing the flooring in the bedroom. Once the flooring is done in the bedroom, we just need to put in the baseboards and finish painting the doors and trim and it will be basically done! Well, it still needs a light...if only Lowes would get it back in stock! :) I helped a lot with the painting to speed along the process. It was nice to feel like I was part of the project. :)
Feb 10: drywall mudding in progress

Feb 16: The office room. The ceiling has now been painted and the overhead light installed.

Feb 10: the bedroom with the walls up before painting started and then Feb 22: How the bedroom looks this morning.

It's getting there! :)

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Stephanie Funck said...

wow, it looks really nice. great job philip