Thursday, February 21, 2008

"I was a bush!"

I am the exclusive hair stylist for all the boys in this house, so we periodically line everyone up on the deck (when the weather's nice) or in the bathroom (when it's not) for a whack job...I mean a haircut. Typically, the haircuts come further apart than I would like and everyone starts looking a little too hairy for my liking. Both Joshua and Philip start to look a little "bushy", in my opinion. Joshua has apparently caught on to this. A few weeks ago, I told him "you need a haircut" and his response was "I look like a bush!". Well yes, you do! :) Anyway, because we've been so busy with the basement remodeling, haircuts didn't happen until a couple days ago...and everyone looks much nicer. :) Last night Philip's parents stopped by briefly and when Grandma walked in the door she commented on Joshua's newly cut hair. His response? "I was a bush!". Key word: "Was". :) It was really cute!

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