Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who ARE You?

This is the daily, hourly question around this house. Depending on what's happening, you could get quite a variety of answers.

From Joshua:
I'm Dave!
I'm Goliath (knock me down!)
I'm Jonah
I'm a BIG fish!
I'm Bob the Tomato
I...AM...THAT...HERO! Call me "Larry Boy!"
I'm Joshua David Hines
I'm Tigger!
I'm a spider

Caleb is generally just:
Larry the Cucumber
Pooh or
A Big Fish

As it would seem, the boys have quite vivid imaginations. They love to act out the stories they hear. This morning they were playing with Play-Doh and LIttle People (a favorite combo) and were acting out the story of Joseph and his special coat.

The staging area for most of their play is the brown couch in our family room, which we inherited with our other house. It was not in fabulous condition at the time, and is certainly not better now! Because of this, the boys are allowed to jump, run, plop and generally smash into it. It is the springboard for their imagination. :)

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