Monday, November 12, 2007

"There are Those Who Can't Be Frosted"

You would think this post might have to do with Caleb's birthday cake since his birthday is tomorrow, but it's not. Now, everyone knows that kids are notorious for misquoting things. I was sitting here minding my own business and Caleb comes up to me and says "there are those who can't be frosted!" I have to admit, I burst out laughing. He was trying to sing a VeggieTales song with the line "there are those who can't be trusted". Eh, trusted, frosted. What's the difference?

Last night the theological questions continued:
1. If God never sleeps, how did Jesus sleep when he was a baby?
2. When talking about the 10 commandments, specifically the one that says "do not covet", he asked, "what if Grandma gives me something for kids that Aunt Deborah doesn't use anymore since she's an adult? Is that ok?"
3. Why did Jesus get lost (When he stayed in the temple)?
4. When the Egyptians who were chasing Moses got hit with the water from the Red Sea, did they all go to Heaven? Why not?
5. Since God sees everything, if we lose something He knows where it is, right?
6. Why was Queen Esther scared to go see the King?

And others which I can't remember. I told Philip we're going to be in trouble by the time this kid is 7...I am going to be out of answers!

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Philip said...

I have to admit, Caleb comes by his inquisitiveness honestly...someone I know was the same way. Perhaps my mom is secretly gloating :).