Thursday, November 8, 2007

Boys Bath Before and After Pics

This is how the bathroom looked when we bought the house. This is the "beautiful" color that was also in Caleb's room and our dining room. Below is how it looks now. We painted a nice bright blue, but I must say my favorite part is the movable Nemo stickers from Lowes. They were inexpensive and made all the difference in how "finished" the bathroom looks! You can also see my attempts to fill Caleb's need for orange, with the bath mat and his towel. He still says he doesn't like the bathroom, but I think he secretly does. Joshua, on the hand, openly admits he loves it and wants to touch the stickers every time he goes in there!

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Matthew and Eve said...

So cute! I bet the boys love it ;) I was so happy to find your blog on here! Happy 5 year anniversary and happy 30th to Phillip!