Saturday, November 24, 2007

Climbers in Training

On Wednesday, we enjoyed the nice warm "typical" Virginia in November weather...70 degrees...that's normal, right? by taking a family outing to Great Falls Park. The boys had an absolute least when there were rocks to be climbed. Apparently, Philip (an avid rock climber in days of old) has two little "up and coming" climbers. The bigger the rock, the better. Caleb and Philip at a point they climbed out to.

Joshua just getting warmed up right after we got there.
Maybe next time cousin Forest can join in the fun too. He's still only 9 months old.
Philip and I actually got engaged at Great Falls Park 5.5 years ago. I felt almost as good that day as I did on Wednesday. I had mono and it was about 100 degrees...yuck!

Here's the whole family. Lots of Hines boys...'bout time for a girl, don't you all think?

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