Sunday, November 4, 2007

Philip's 30th Birthday!

Yesterday was the big day...Philip turned 30! I think I can see some new wrinkles on him today...just kidding. :) Philip's official comment about turning 30 is "feels a lot like 29 1/2!" We had a fun party for him last night. I think the adults managed to out number the kids...maybe. We had about 8 toddler boys and one girl. As you can imagine, calm and quiet are not two words to describe this party, but it was actually a happy chaos. We loaded Philip's "picture cake" with 30 candles, so it looked like a flaming torch. We all actually ate trifle, which you can kinda see in one of the pictures below. Boy was it yummy...amazing what you can do with a leftover iced german chocolate cake! Mmmmm.
The family of one of Philip's co-workers...and the trifle!
Two ladies from our couples small group, Ramona and Martha.

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