Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Before another day passes, I must announce that Caleb turned 4 last week on the 13th. We had a fun little family celebration and Philip was able to stay home for the day to spend extra time with the boys. The reason for the delay in the post is that the next day Caleb came down with what seems to have been a minor-ish version of the flu (maybe a cold, who knows), which he then graciously passed on to me. I have basically been in bed since Sunday and probably lost about 5 pounds as my diet has consisted of toast, cheerios and pretzels for three days now. Fun times. I am hoping to be able to eat by Thursday! How much a bummer would that be not to...

Caleb got new bath crayons for his birthday and was so excited...let the bathtub art begin!

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