Friday, September 5, 2008

"Wait...Headrub First!" (100th post!)

That was the reaction I got from Caleb when telling the boys I was putting Andrew down for a nap this morning. For whatever reason, Caleb has become very fond of rubbing Andrew's head. He likes to rub it before Andrew goes to bed a night and at random times during the day. I think it's because he knows Andrew likes it and maybe it's one of the few ways they can relate to each other. So, we took a headrub detour on our way upstairs...which, of course, was followed by a second headrub detour for a rub from Joshua. :)

Andrew has recently started laughing, sometimes without direct provocation (read: tickling). The other night we were at the dinner table and Andrew was facing Caleb, who was maybe 4 feet away. Andrew was fascinated that Caleb kept bobbing around while talking and he started laughing. It was very cute. A baby laugh is one of the sweetest sounds in the world.

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