Thursday, September 4, 2008

Geography Lessons

Philip really enjoys geography, so he has been teaching the boys about the world. Most nights at bedtime they spend some time looking at an atlas or the globe, talking about different countries and bodies of water and such. Caleb can now identify all the continents, and will even tell you "in between north america and south america is central america." When we were at the zoo, there some animal that lived in the Mediterranean region, so I asked him (thinking the answer would be no) if he knew where the Mediterranean sea was. Turns out his answer was, "between Europe and Africa"! Boy was I surprised! Caleb says he likes it because he likes "to see new things on the globe that he hasn't seen before." It's so funny listening to them from down the hall as Philip is teaching and quizzing them. I hear outbursts of things like "Algeria!" "Morocco!" "France!"

One night, Joshua came bounding down the stairs to give me a good night hug and kiss and informed me that the next morning he was going to take a boat to the United Kingdom...and then come back...all in the same day. Although, he didn't seem quite sure where he was going to get the boat from. Caleb apparently had plans to sail to Australia the same day. Busy, busy. One night during the "lesson," Joshua said, in his attempt to read the country name, said: (pronouncing each letter sound) "a
-r-g-e-n-t-i-n-a...that spells...CHILE!" (pronounced chi-weee). Well, we'll get there. :) I love having kids who love learning!

Andrew frequently hangs out with them during book time at night, so maybe his first word will be "Antarctica" or something! :)

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Matthew, Eve, and Noah Middleton said...

Wow that's really outstanding! They are probably better than many adults already (including me!)