Thursday, September 4, 2008

Catchin' Up

I have been informed that I am slacking in my blogging. Apparently I haven't posted "in like, a month and a half!" (and that is a direct quote) Well, it hasn't REALLY been quite that long, but it has been a month. Sorry...not like I have anything else going on over here. :) LOL. So, what's new with us? If I could remember a month ago, I'd tell you. You see, everyone always jokes that having babies makes you lose your mind...I mean your memory....but the sad thing is that it's really true! I think part of the problem is that the mind just has to be focused on so many things at once, it's just hard to remember what any of them were! So, let's see....

Caleb update: Caleb is reading, reading, reading. His current favorite book to read
by himself seems to be "Put Me In The Zoo". It's written by Robert Lopshire, but has a very "Dr. Suess" feel to it. Yesterday he read the whole thing in less time than it took to get home from Target...which is about 5-7 minutes. He was very proud of this feat! I am pleased that he reads with a nice cadence. Makes it easier to listen to! He's also working on his handwriting and improving.

Joshua update: He is lamenting the fact that he doesn't know how to write yet. Poor kid. Wants to be just like big brother! He is sight reading some words and making slow progress on sounding things out. We're not really working with him on it, just
letting nature take it's course.

Andrew update: Andrew is neither reading or writing, I am relieved to tell you. :) He does, however, seem to be teething. Loudly. Yes, he's a little young. But we think Caleb went through some bad times like this when he was quite young. However, Caleb's first two teeth
apparently arrived painlessly and stealthily. They came through during a two hour nap while riding in the car home from North Carolina when he was 5.5 months. He awoke...and there they were. Amazing. We're really hoping poor Andrew's screaming bouts end soon. He is awfully cute though, so we'll keep him anyway. :)


Elizabeth said...

I love your entries and I have to agree with you about the loss of memory. Maybe one day it will return :)

Matthew, Eve, and Noah Middleton said...

LOL love it - especially that Andrew is neither reading nor writing :)