Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Beautiful Sound...

Ah...the imagination! What a priceless gift God gave us! This summer we bought a lot of books to read to the boys as part of their homeschooling curriculum. They have truly done wonders for the boys imaginations. One of their favorites is the story of Balto, the most famous dog ever. Caleb can actually read this one by himself, so the boys have heard the story many times. Today is just a gorgeous day, so the boys have been outside for hours playing. This afternoon I was in the kitchen and since we have the screen door open, I could hear their conversation. Apparently, the locale today was Alaska, as I heard them talking about the children who were sick with diphtheria. Joshua came in to tell me that Caleb was the doctor and they needed to get the medicine for the children. The "medicine" container was an old bubbles bottle and was "filled to the top". Joshua was Balto. :)

Anyway, I loved hearing them acting out this story and many of the others we have been reading....and I love being part of growing their minds! :)

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