Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Dedication

On August 24th we dedicated both Joshua and Andrew to the Lord at church. Joshua got "missed" because it was too difficult to get kids dedicated at "big church", but now that we're at a smaller location, we were able to. Philip's parents were able to come, so that made it extra special, and Caleb was able to help dedicate his brothers. It was also very special that the dedication happened on Big Grandpa's Birthday. That would Philip's grandpa who went to be with Jesus last August. Nothing would have made him happier than knowing two of his great-grandsons were dedicated that day. The funny part was that after the pastor prayed for Joshua and then Andrew, Joshua pipes up "Now let's do Caleb!" :)

In honor of the day, Grandpa and Grandma gave Caleb and Joshua Bibles. Caleb now has one that is an "easy reader" that he should be able to start reading himself very soon!


Matthew, Eve, and Noah Middleton said...

Congrats and how sweet! I'm SO jealous that you guys are at Loudon with Jim - he married us and we miss him like crazy!!!

benjaminandwendy said...

Your family is amazing...thanks for sharing... =)