Monday, June 2, 2008

The Andrew "Fire Swamp"

*If the subject of infant diaper changes is unpleasant to you, feel free to skip this post!*

I have decided that the sight of Philip standing over Andrew on the changing table makes Andrew's little output system go crazy. CRAZY. As in, it just keeps on coming. For some reason, this doesn
't happen when I change him. Only Philip. Ever seen the movie "The Princess Bride"? (ok, who hasn't?!) Remember the quick sand, fire swamp, ROUSes? Well, it seems Andrew has invented his own version of the fire swamp. In the movie, Westley discovers the key to surviving the fire swamp is the hissing sound that occurs right before the flames burst out. So, one must simply listen for the hiss and then move out of the way. Andrew has apparently applied this principle in the poop department. I thought I had observed a pattern where there was a popping sound...followed a few seconds later by output. Yesterday, Philip was changing him and as usual, was dealing with lots of poop and the familiar popping sound occurred. Then nothing happened and I thought "I guess I was wrong about the correlation". Then about 10 seconds later...major explosion. I laughed so hard I cried. And then laughed and cried some more. Poor Philip. This seriously only happens to him. But at least Andrew warns us!

How could anything this cute make such a mess?? :)
Andrew at 3 weeks

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Mrsfroberg said...

Aww!! What a cute smile!!