Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Storm

We had a very heavy storm come through the DC metro area this afternoon around 3:00. Trees, telephone poles and power lines were down all over the place. Philip only saw one working stop light on his 12 mile (very slow!!) drive home from work. We lost power at the house for almost four hours...and boy does losing power remind you of all the things we rely on electricity for! But the most exciting thing that happened was in our backyard. The boys and I heard a strange sound during the heavy winds and looked outside to see this:

A tree in our neighbor's yard

Our neighbor's tree in our yard!

We are very fortunate it fell where it did...and amazingly, there was no damage done! We are so thankful for God's protection. Philip and our neighbors made quick work of removing it and getting it on the curb...hopefully for pick up tomorrow. What a way to get to know your neighbors!


Matthew and Eve said...

Wow! We're glad you guys are safe and sound. What a scary storm!

Megan said...

It was scary, wasn't it?! We are thankful for God's protection as well!!