Monday, June 2, 2008

Moving Up In The World

Now that Joshua is 3, he is finally ready and interested in riding the tricycle. This meant that we needed something else for Caleb...something bigger. :) So, last week Philip got the bike box out of the garage and worked on assembling it. Turns out Mom was required to "Read the directions" (LOL), but eventually it got put together and Caleb was appreciative of Philip's efforts ("I'm so proud of you, Daddy!, he said). So, off to the cul-de-sac they went. It took Caleb a couple tries to get the hang of pedaling and, of course, the bike has training wheels for now, but he caught on fast and by the end of the week was zooming like a pro. He says he likes the bike better than the trike because it has brakes and he can stop. :)

Joshua enjoyed "racing" his trains down the driveway while the bike assembly occurred.

Andrew (13 days) was unimpressed by all the excitement.

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