Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Play-By-Play

Joshua enjoys giving us the play-by-play on activity from Andrew. If they are around each other, expect to hear something like this....multiple times.

"Hey Mommy, his arm just moved!"
"Hey Mommy, his hand just moved!"
"Mommy, his hand just touched me!"
"Mommy, the baby is sleeping because his eyes are closed"
"He's just making noise?"
"Mommy, Andrew is crying so he needs his pacifier"
"It's ok, it's ok, it's ok"
"Mommy, the baby is crying so you need to go get him out of his bed"
"Mommy, he's crying. He needs to eat or a diaper change" and on he goes...

Anyway, yesterday was really funny. I, admittedly, call Andrew all kinds of "baby names." Yesterday, we were getting back in the car and Andrew was howling. While I was buckling Joshua in, he looks over and Andrew and says, "It's ok, Sweetie-cakes". :) LOL.

Andrew, AKA, Sweetie-Cakes at 1 Month


Mrsfroberg said...

Aww! That is too cute! :)

Matthew and Eve said...

Oh my gosh how adorable is Joshua with his big brother duties! That is so sweet!

Jeannie said...

very cute!