Monday, March 24, 2008

Not That Much Longer...

It's hard to believe I am already more than 32 weeks pregnant (the picture is from last night). Actually, that's not that hard to believe...I feel like I have been pregnant for about two years. What IS hard to believe that in the next 7-8 weeks, we're going to have another baby in this house! I think having the miscarriages has made "pregnancy = baby" a little harder to grasp. However, this little fellow certainly makes his presence well known. My sister, Deborah, got a kick out of watching the belly manipulations that occur quite frequently. It seems this guy is carrying differently than Caleb and Joshua did, so I really get a lot of those "ouch!" movements. It's annoying enough that it's making me wish for him to be born...soon! But then I remember what happens after a baby is born...sleepless nights, diapers, constant feeding for a while...and I think "maybe another 8 weeks is ok!" We also have lots to get done before baby arrives. Philip, bless his heart, is refinishing some furniture for the baby's room, and we also would like to paint. Assuming this all actually gets finished before we have a baby, I'll post pictures. :)

P.S. We are also officially done with the basement...which looks great and has already had it's first guests...but haven't been able to take all the pictures yet. It's on the agenda.

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Megan said...

You look great! And much different than two weeks ago when I saw you last!! :)