Sunday, March 30, 2008

Going Blind On Pictures!

I was nearly four years behind on putting photos in albums...can anyone relate?? Well, with a new baby coming and not having a single photo of Joshua in an album, I decided it was time to do something before I was hopelessly behind! So, about 3 weeks ago I set to it with a vengeance. I decided to start with Joshua's album and in a day had it done through 3/08. Yeay! Well, of course things can't be simple, so here's what happened. The album I did for Joshua was a completely different format from what I had done 4 years ago for Caleb and the know the old magnetic pages? Well, this new format is WAAAYY nicer, so I went back out and bought some more albums. I then went and completely RE-DID all our pictures starting with when Philip I met through the present. In addition to the new format for the pictures, I also added "narration cards" explaining in general what was going on in our lives during about 3 month time periods so that the viewer would have some clue what they were looking at. :) Well, several weeks, MANY hours and hundreds of pictures later, I am finally almost done! I have complete albums for both boys and for our family, except for a couple more hours of work to do the finishing touches. I am so excited with how they turned out. I hope some of you can enjoy them soon! :) Maybe I'll take a picture and post it here so you can get a sneak peek. :)

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