Thursday, March 6, 2008

Attack of the Nesting Hormones

So today while on the way to the mailbox, I took a real look at the front yard and was horrified! I discovered what could be called "what happens when you don't touch your landscaping while living in your house for a year" syndrome. Very bad news. Man. The backyard was even worse. So, it was a nice day and my nesting hormones kicked in. I realized quickly I would need some cheap labor...I mean reinforcement...and called Philip to have him leave work a little early and come help. Then, I attacked our front yard. Weeds, leaves, dead bush stalks and ivy vines went flying everywhere. I think I am going to be UBER sore tomorrow!! Good thing Philip came to the rescue with his weed whacker when he did. Smile Oh well. It looks SOOO much better! Next...the backyard. You may ask, what about the other potential cheap labor...also known as Caleb and Joshua. Well, they were about as helpful as...well, they tried. Joshua managed to move some leaves into the trashcan and Caleb succeeded in throwing mulch onto the driveway. We'll let them make up for it in a few year when they are old enough to mow the lawn or something. :)

However, I was bummed to realize (duh) that I missed the window to plant new bulbs for this year. I had bought some last year and they never got planted (are they still any good anyway??). Guess I have a project for this fa ll. Fortunately, the last owner was a real flower lover, so there are already lots of tulips and daffodils (my two favorites!), but I wanted to plant some more. Today I actually bought myself a "valentine" Tulip plant (since Philip didn't get me flowers this year) and I am going to plant it by the mailbox this fall. Smile

29 weeks 3-1-08

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