Wednesday, March 5, 2008

God 7 7:8

Are you familiar with that chapter and verse in the Bible? Neither are we, but Joshua frequently quotes it. This usually happens in the car on the way to church when he is reading his Bible, particularly the story of Noah. "And God said, build an ark. God 7 7:8." "And God said...all the animals go onto the ark. God 7 7:8". And so on. Everything is from God 7 7:8. And for a long time all the Scripture memory verses we were learning could be found in John 10:11. Well, at least he sort of understands the concept of a reference!

Today, I had a big laugh (to myself) when Philip came home and was talking to Joshua. Unfortunately, Joshua was really disobedient this morning and dropped somethings from over the upstairs rail onto the wood floor that damaged the floor. He was disciplined by me this morning for it. Spanked to be exact. So when Philip comes in and starts talking to Joshua, he is quick to inform him, "Mommy already spanked're too late!" It was quite interesting overhearing the whole conversation. It was a new look into Joshua's reasoning skills...and his attempt at negotiating himself out of more discipline!

Caleb's big news is that he read some words for the first time yesterday. Yeay!

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Cherie said...

Angela, I am laughing!

I love that he's quoting God 7:7-8!!!

How sweet.