Friday, April 22, 2011

Words I Never Thought I Would Hear

"I don't think it's your gallbladder."  Imagine how floored I was after several years of my gallbladder being blamed as the root of all my problems.  The woman who told me this, Pat, is a physical therapist who practices visceral manipulation.  I went to see her at the recommendation of another therapist I had been seeing to have an evaluation.  At the time of this appointment in mid-February, I had been in nearly constant pain for close to three months.  When I walked out of her office that day, I was a new person.  I still experience problems (much more than I would like to, especially recently), but there has been a night and day difference from being treated by her.  Which I why I keep driving to Bethesda. 

So what is wrong?  First of all, it is often my gallbladder that is causing me pain, but the reason is different than everyone has said.  She believes that the issue is being caused largely because of scar issue I have on my abdomen (which is there from an emergency surgery at 31 weeks pregnant with Caleb...and it was two weeks following his birth that I had my first trouble).  The scar tissue seems to be exerting a pull on several of organs on the right side of my body, particularly my liver, gallbladder and right kidney, as well as the bladder. It may also be linked to an imbalance of my Sphenoid, which is deep in the brain.  An imbalance of the Sphenoid can also cause issues in other parts of the body, which I have also been experiencing for years, so it all makes sense when you look at the total picture.

So, I am mostly avoiding gluten, eggs, dairy and high fat foods to help manage what I can to ease the digestion issues, in addition to continuing to see Pat for ongoing treatment.  I have some good days, some bad days and some really bad days, but overall I am doing much better than I was.  That gives me hope that one day this may truly be behind me, by the grace of God.

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