Monday, October 1, 2007

Drum Bot Not Word

Joshua is the household source of profound information such as "Drum bot not word, gum drrrop". As he used to get chocolate chips or gum drops when he successfully used the potty during training, he would frequently ask for drum bots afterward until we informed him that drum bot was not a word. I think we actually ran out of gum drops before he decided to correct his pronunciation though. Now, after he goes potty he often says "Proud of me. Chocolate chips alllll gone. Gum drops allllll gone." I think he does this just to "check", probably hoping one day we'll say...."you know, we actually have a chocolate chip for you today!"

Now Joshua uses a "potty chart." The original purpose of the potty chart was to award various types of stickers for various types of potty progress. This, apparently, was much too organized an approach for Joshua. He just likes to collect the stickers. And then move them around. In the early days of potty training, he even created potty relocating the stickers from his chart to the potty itself. You can see the oh-so-organized potty chart to the right of Joshua's head in this picture.

One of the other things Joshua says multiple times a day is "Hey mommy, say question!" To which we reply, "Yes, Joshua, what is your question." "Bob-Larry!" Right. Caleb can then be heard chiming in "Joshua, that's not a question. That's a random comment!"

Joshua is also a stickler for the person he addresses being the one who replies. Anyone with kids knows that kids talk all the time, and frequently someone just responds "uh-huh...that's nice", or whatever. This doesn't fly with Josh. If he was "talking to" Caleb and I answer, he'll tell me, "Hey mommy, talking Caleb". Ok.

It's really funny to watch the guys interact sometimes. They have their own set of games they like to play with each other. For example, after reading a particular Pooh book a few months ago in which Pooh is trying to fool some honey bees into thinking he is a rain cloud by having Christopher Robin walk around with an umbrella saying "Tut-tut, it looks like rain", the boys like to play "tut-tut rain". This invigorating exercise consists of putting a "tut-tut rain" (aka couch pillow) on one's head and walking around saying "tut-tut rain" multiple times. Fascinating. They also like to play Jonah. But apparently only the part where he gets thrown off the ship. They build up a pile of pillows next to the couch and then take turns "walking the plank" and sinking. When another participant is available, Jonah gets swallowed by the whale as well.

What adventure will tomorrow bring? Guess we'll have to wait and see. :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Laughter is the best're the ticket!

Mom K