Monday, October 1, 2007

A Day on the Town

Since the boys are finally at an age where they are semi-interested in looking at things and fairly good troopers, yesterday after church we decided to take the boys into DC to visit the Air and Space Museum. It was kind of funny watching them react to all the planes. Caleb was fascinated, especially by all of the space displays. He has an Astronauts book (from like 1975...thanks mom!) which has pictures of early space exploration and he was very excited to see some of those things in person. He saw the Apollo Command Module and the Lunar rover, and of course space shuttles and rockets.

Joshua was interested....but only if he was moving quickly! You can see from the pictures he has a monkey attached to his back. This is because he wandered off and got lost for 7 minutes at the National Zoo a few weeks ago and we're not taking that chance again! This cute little backpack has a 4' leash attached to it and was perfect for our trip. And since Josh loves monkeys, he didn't even seems to be bothered by the fact he was restrained. Anyway, Joshua and I just kind of ran through the museum!

An interesting note about this picture is that the plane to the left of my head is the first privately owned plane that was flown into space. Part of the Paul G. Allen Project. Anyway, when Philip was working in Washington State, he helped create one of the electronic devices that went in this plane!

After being at the Air and Space Museum for about 10 minutes, I observed to Philip this was going to be a pretty short stop, so after the boys were airplaned-out, we decided to walk over to the Natural History Museum to see the Dinosaurs. This was a much more interesting place for Joshua, the animal lover. He was fascinated by all the real stuffed mammals and dinosaur bones.

We had a fun day and were glad we went. Then we came home and all collapsed in bed...

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