Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Decorating Dilemma

So, after taking several months off from our renovating and redecorating, we are finally starting to tackle some of our remaining projects. Over the weekend, we took a family excursion to Lowe's and picked out paint for the boys' bathroom. We just have to hang the hardware and then I'll post the before and after pics. Although, this was only PART of what I wanted changed in the bathroom. This house was built in the mid-80's and someone had the audacity to use ALMOND in the upstairs bathrooms. Almond, hexagonal tiles, almond toilet, shower, etc. I HATE ALMOND! However, re-tiling a bathroom and shower is not a weekend project, so for now, we've left it. Although, Philip was doing some research and it appears there is a product available to refinish showers and tubs...tempting. But the hexagonal floor WILL be going at some point. And probably the cabinets, vanity, toilet, mirror and light fixtures at some point. Not only do I really hate the way it all looks, but whenever we do resell this house, it's going to have to be done at that point anyway. Most people aren't real into 1980's bathrooms anymore. But anyway, we'll have to get to all that as time and money allows. So, all that to say, we're only part way done with the bathroom.

Anyway, the real dilemma is that we want to re-paint Caleb's room, which is currently green. The problem is that we want to paint it some kind of blue, but we have been informed by Caleb, "if you paint it blue, I won't like favorite color will always be orange." When we were picking carpet for the house, Caleb wanted orange for his room, when asked what color we should paint the You can see by the picture, that an orange room would be a little overwhelming, so we're trying to figure out a good compromise. Anyone know a good (cheap!) way to get some orange on his walls without having to paint the whole thing that way?


Kristine said...

A couple thoughts. One idea would be to let him choose 1 wall to paint orange like an accent wall. Another idea is to put a chair rail up and do stripes under it. Although this could end up looking kind-of dining room like. The last thought I have is to do his bedding orange. I hope these are helpful.

Lorrie said...

I was just going to write what Kristine
Orange and the right blue would look GREAT together!
Or bedding, and pictures and curtains??

Joe said...

How about doing orange curtains or an orange rug/quilt to hang on a wall. I think he'd like it, and it would look like a Denver Broncos room with the blue and orange.

The funny thing is the company I work for uses blue and orange as its main colors. I kinda prefer the orange, too.

Hannah said...

Oh, I love the blue and orange stripe idea! I was going to suggest large orange circles of various sizes on one wall. Sort of modern. But you've got some great suggestions here!