Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some Good News

Yesterday I got the news that the Celiac blood test came back negative!  Yeay!  I could still have a problem with wheat, as there are things in there other than gluten that can cause issues, but this was a huge relief to me! 

I am on Day 19 of the Elimination Diet now, so starting Sunday I can pick something to add back in from the common allergen list.  I was going to do wheat first, but since I discovered last Sunday that I had accidently been eating barley for the first two weeks (and barley is on the "don't eat" list), I want to give my body at least a full 7-10 days without the barley before reintroducing wheat.  Bummer...I've been practically salivating for bread!  I think I might do tomatoes instead...not very exciting, but at least I could have spaghetti sauce on brown rice noodles.

My liver enzyme numbers also looked good, so that's positive.  My therapist told me yesterday that the bottom area of my liver/gallbladder feel much better than they did a month ago, but that the top of the liver is still really tight and doesn't have good motility.  I have been doing chest-expansion breathing, as well as some yoga, to help expand the chest area and help things loosen up.  I have also been retraining my body to be more upright through the torso when sitting and standing.  So, hopefully that will all continue to help. 

The vitamin D number being 56 was also great news!  16 months ago it was 32, which is considered way too low and the borderline for serious deficiency.  So, all those supplements have done something!

I also found out in December that my magnesium level, which was seriously low in December 2009, was almost to the level my doctor wanted to see.  I guess I need to step up the supplements a little more in that department.  I was kind of lax for most of the year after getting my 10 Magnesium I.V. treatments.  But still, the number was pretty good, so that makes me feel better.  It has been postulated, but not proven, that the low magnesium level  could have had a negative effect on my ability to carry a baby to term.

So, the bottom line is, I am doing ok.  I am continuing to have some issues with gallbladder pain, but it's a much milder, shorter last pain then I was experiencing before, so I have been feeling "better-ish". 

We'll see how things go as I begin to reintroduce things.  Please pray that I have wisdom and am able to discern what's a reaction and what's not.

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