Friday, February 11, 2011


More questions than answers.

More problems than solutions.

More tears than laughter.

More hurt than healing.

More doubt than belief.

This is where I am right now.  Struggling to find the right (GOD'S) perspective.  Trying to get back to where I can see His hand directing and guiding.  Trying to understand the "why" for some of this.  Wishing there was an "easy fix" button for long-standing problems that won't go away.

Nothing I believe about God has changed.  But sometimes taking that belief and applying it to painful situations is a process.  A painful process.  I always come out stronger in the end...but I am not there yet.

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Anonymous said...

praying for you. it's okay to not be there yet, angela. you are not going through something that is not AT ALL easy, yet you still maintain such grace and a positive attitude. thank you for being such a great example to all of us of what it truly means to persevere.