Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Snow!

Who would have believed that we would experience MORE snow in December this year!?  And who would have thought we would get almost 2 feet!  Crazy!  In true Hines form, though, we missed it.  The last significant snow was Presidents' Day weekend in 2003...which was the weekend that Philip and I took a cruise to the Bahamas.  We were clueless and didn't even know it was supposed to snow.  We found out by happening to pass a TV on the cruise ship with a news show talking about all the snow in DC!  We arrived back in VA to find out car nearly buried at Dulles Airport.  Of course we were not prepared for this!  Philip was working on digging us out with his hands when two guys came by in a truck looking for people to dig out.  What a blessing!

So, anyway, where were we for the Blizzard of '09?  Philip and I had made plans to get away for the weekend to Lancaster, PA.  We decided to go ahead with our plans, despite the prediction of snow.  We took the boys to Philip's parents and headed on to Lancaster.  By the next morning, we were snowed in.  Fortunately, we were staying at a really nice place and had brought some movies with us!  And fortunately, we had brought food for lunch with us and breakfast was provided.  They also had a billiards room on site.  And who knew I was a pool shark?  LOL.  Seriously though, I am not sure that I had ever played a game of pool in my life.  So, in a few short hours I went from being completely awful to really not that bad.
So, we had a great time, despite the roughly 10" of snow.  We safely made it back for the boys and then came home.  We were figuring on finding our driveway and house buried...and that's what we found! Fortunately, this time we were prepared.  Philip had brought a shovel in the trunk and started digging us IN when we got home! 

Service with a smile!

This is as far as he got before Andrew and I were too cold to wait any longer.  So, we just walked through the rest to get into the house!

Caleb was pretty thrilled about all the snow.  It's really too bad we didn't get to really enjoy it.  We left just a day and a half later for NC and weren't able to get out and play in it that day.

The view of our deck.  This was a LOT of snow!

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