Friday, May 1, 2009

Dreadfully Behind Again does it keep happening? I always tell myself I won't let a month go without blogging and then it happens! I guess we're busy. Well, it's been a good month for the most part. Anyone who keeps up with us on Facebook knows that I am currently on round 5 of strep throst since January. This time Philip and the older boys are being medicated too, so we're really hoping that whichever of them is the carrier is being taken care of! *fingers crossed!* No one should have strep this often. So not good.

Easter was a very enjoyable time. We went to Pennsylvania on Good Friday, in time to attend the GF service at the Hineses church. It was a great service and really helped put the weekend in perspective. Saturday the boys had a blast dyeing eggs, decorating cookies and having an Easter egg hunt. Caleb's favorite way to dye the eggs was the dip each of them in all five of the colors. Then they discovered the stickers. Joshua randomly applied them. Caleb made sure every egg had 2. They had to all be the same.

Next was the cookie making with Grandma and Grandpa. The boys are still learning about cutter placement to ensure maximum cookies from each piece of dough. LOL.
They had a great time decorating. Grandpa made some wild colors and some of the cookies had all the colors on them. Very fun and festive.Off on the hunt! Both boys had the same amount of eggs. We were all stumped when one of Caleb's remained hidden despite all of us looking for it. Grandpa spotted it on the window sill the next day when we were eating lunch!
The boys with their loot...which even several weeks later they still haven't eaten much of! Too many days of losing their treat privilege!

And here is a cute picture of all three boys from last Sunday.
Andrew and Joshua will be celebrating their birthdays in about 2 weeks. Andrew is finally crawling...sort of. He keeps one leg tucked under him, instead of behind him. However, he moves pretty quickly and seems fine with his method. He can move from tummy to sitting as well finally. He is trying to pull up, but isn't quite there yet. However, the poor kid still doesn't realize he could roll over! He says "mama" and "dada" and it seems to makes some other sounds in attempts to comunicate, but nothing we can understand. He does sign "finished" when he is done eating though, and clearly understands many words including nap, go, eat, Caleb, Joshua, headrub. He really loves to play with peek-a-blocks. He loves to crawl after towers his brothers make for him with them and knock them down or take them apart. He is now trying to build towers with the as well, which we don't remember either of the other boys trying at this age. He is sometimes successful, too.

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