Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday Time!!

As you may remember, Joshua and Andrew have birthdays only two days apart, so this week was Birthday Week! It was fun to celebrate the boys! On Andrew's birthday, we didn't do much special, but we did take a walk to a different park we found a little ways from our house. The boys all had a blast and the weather was perfect for walking and playing that evening.

Look....proof I was there!
And the Birthday Boy with his Daddy:

On Joshua's birthday, he got to choose anything he wanted for lunch and dinner. His favorite meal is tacos, so we ate that for dinner. Seems familiar...we had that for Caleb's birthday too. It's also one of my very favorite meals. Maybe we should just declare Tacos the official "Birthday Dinner"? :) Anyway, after dinner on Joshua's birthday, Philip took all the boys back down to the park, while I decorated birthday cakes!

Saturday morning, I was out yard saleing and found a great little Power Wheels type bike for a steal of a deal. Joshua has been reticent to ride the tricycle, so I thought maybe this would be more his speed. He loved it and he and Caleb both have been zooming all over the cul-de-sac! Philip's parents came down and took Joshua out to lunch by himself and then we had a little party with cake and ice cream when they came back. Low key...but fun.

Andrew and his cake:

He looks like he's really enjoying it, but I don't think he actually really liked it. He did have fun smearing it around though. :)

Joshua wanted a Percy cake this year, so that's what he got:
And he was SOO excited to receive the new VeggieTales Worship CD, as well as the Rescue Building for the boys' Thomas set!

It's been a great year with many fun milestones. It is a blessing to watch them all learn and grow!

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Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

Happy Birthday Joshua and Andrew!! Such cute pictures and great cakes!