Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Scene of the Crime...

This afternoon, here is what I discovered. The scene of the crime:
And the popcorn-eating perpetrator! Notice the mud all over the bottom of his shirt...
The perpetrator and his dangerous cohort are now detoxing in the bathtub. :)

Since the weather has been nice (at least for three days in between rain storms!), the boys have been outside a lot. Yesterday, they decided to try their hand at gardening. They "planted" flowers and were so proud of their accomplishment. Although, fortunately, they seemed aware that their method wasn't going to result in long-term success. Nonetheless, their enthusiasm was quite cute.

Here is Joshua "watering" the flowers with mud. :)

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Mrsfroberg said...

Haha!! Your boys are so adorable! ...and messy! :)