Saturday, April 19, 2008

No He Didn't!!

Yesterday the boys were talking about names that are not names (like "Ruffie") and names that are (like Thomas). This led into Caleb stating that there are two Thomases in the Bible. Only being familiar with one off the top of my head, I asked who they were. "Thomas, Jesus' disciple and Thomas from "King George"," Caleb replies. (King George is a VeggieTales video about selfishness). We had to tell Caleb that the Thomas from King George was made up and that he represented a man whose real name was Uriah. So then Caleb wanted to know what King George stole from Uriah/Thomas (in the video he steals his rubber ducky even though he already has hundreds). So, I told Caleb that King George also wasn't real and that he represented King David, the guy who killed Goliath, and that King David stole Uriah's wife and then had Uriah killed. The look on Caleb's face was priceless. He said, "the David that killed Goliath? No he didn't!!" Yep, sorry, he DID. Ahhh...the humanizing of a hero.

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