Friday, May 6, 2011

Compassion Workshop

Several of you asked me for more information about this class, so I will share a bit more about it.

How do you know you have anger problem?  Here is a list of some common symptoms:
- getting angry in traffic
- not being able to take criticism
- blaming others rather than taking responsibility
- feeling irritable and grouchy a lot
- lashing out in a physical or verbal manner
- feeling frequently frustrated or angry with your children
- feeling out of control

The basis for the class is really coming to understand that when we react in anger to something, it is due to a deep inner hurt that (usually) has nothing to do with the situation we are reacting to.  In the class, we learn how to show compassion on ourselves and acknowledge the hurt, then reaffirm our intrinsic value (which is not impacted by whatever the situation is).  It is this applying of compassion and value to self that will help us show compassion and lovable to the other person in the situation.  Afterall, perhaps they are also just reacting to a deep hurt?

Through the class we learn Biblical truths about anger.  Is it really ever our "right" to become angry? 

We talked about how to stay calm in traffic.

We learned about teaching our children to be compassionate and how to avoid power struggles.

We learned about harnessing our minds and changing our behavior by changing what we think.  This is called "self-talk" and it is tremendously powerful.

We learned relaxation techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety.

We talked a lot about forgiveness, bitterness and resentment.

This class is a lot of work, but it is SOOOOO worth the time and the effort!  I strongly encourage you to take it if there is anything inside you prompting "maybe I should do that..."  YES!  You should!  It will change your life and your relationships by changing the way you think and giving you tools to take control of your anger.

You can register for the summer session being offered at McLean Bible's Loudoun campus starting May 16th here.

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