Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My (Silly) Boys this Fall

I just had to share these pictures.  I live with some silly people! 

Here's the littlest geography buff.  Ok, well he still thinks all the States are Georgia, but hey...gotta start somewhere.  Andrew is very possessive about this placemat.  It's "his". :)  He likes to point at the States as he eats and ask what they are.  He usually goes by the color groupings.
 Then there's this character.  Andrew loves to make people laugh.  He's the class clown in training.
 Caleb and Joshua went on their first camping trip this fall with Philip.  They went with other local homeschool dads and sons.  They had a blast.  Here Joshua is trying to inhale the bugs, I think. :)
 Doesn't Andrew look like the poster child for a farm calendar here?  I love this picture!  We were at Frying Pan Park one day in September.  We had tried to go to Cox Farms, but they were closed for "rain".  Can't you tell by looking at the sky?  Shortly after this, Andrew got stung on the nose by an unidentified bug.  It caused his eye to swell and get red.  Poor guy. :(  It was a fun day, though.
 We did make it to Cox Farms later that week.  Here's Joshua with his super long neck.  This was in the corn maze...the boys LOVED it!
 The pumpkin bins at Cox Farms.  We had so much fun there that we actually went back a few weeks later, thanks to the kindness of a friend who gave us some free tickets.
 The boys dressed up for Halloween for the first time this year.  We decided to do it because we were at my parents' house in NC on our way back from the Tybee wedding.  We put together some fun costumes for the boys and hit the streets.  Neither of the boys really had any idea what trick or treating was about and Joshua's comment after about 30 minutes was "this is way more fun than I thought it would be!"  :)  It was fun, but I told them we may or may not go again any time soon.  But aren't they cute? :)  Andrew insisted on having a charcoal mustache, just like Caleb.
 Caleb started taking piano lessons this fall.  Joshua has been learning alongside him.  They both are doing great.  Andrew also like to have piano practice.  He always points out that he "waits his turn" (which he does).  He then bangs around some, and claps his hands counting "1, 2, 3, 4.  1, 2, 3, 4" to count out the rhythm.  It's hilarious.  I am loving having little musicians in the house! 
 The other resident silly person.  Joshua loves a good joke.  These glasses were a party favor last year, but just got discovered by the boys recently.  Joshua sure loves to wear them!
These are fun days around our house.  I am loving the ages of all the boys.  It's fun to see them learn and grow in their own ways.  It's also been neat to watch the camaraderie continue to develop between the boys.  They are such great friends.

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