Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Family Wedding

This past weekend my sister Liz got married to a great guy, Mike.   We were all thrilled to be there to support them.  They held their wedding on Tybee Island, in Georgia.  The weather was unbelievable and gorgeous the whole time we were there, but especially on the wedding day.  Their wedding was very casual, and it was perfect.  Here are the bride and groom!

The siblings, spouses, Grandma and Mom and Dad.

 The three sisters!

This is my favorite picture from the wedding, at least for capturing the feel of the day.

This is such a great picture!  

We stayed at an amazing house practically right on the beach.  One of the best things was this huge dining table that could seat 12.  We filled it up several times!

 Philip and I on the top level of the beach house.  Nice view, huh?

Here's Caleb and Joshua enjoying the morning sunrise over the Atlantic.  We followed this up by a walk on the beach.  We found beached horsehoe crabs, jellyfish, and of course, lots of shells.

My brother Tim was the only sibling not able to attend the wedding...in person.  He is studying abroad in Egypt this Fall.  However, thanks to my brother Dan and his wife Angela, he was able to watch the wedding live via Skype.  He even gave a toast at the reception!  And dressed appropriately by wearing wearing a dress shift and tie on the top...and a bathing suit on the bottom.  :)

Here's D&A getting the technology set up.

And here's Tim "eating dinner" with us on Friday night.  Isn't technology amazing?

We celebrated Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary while we were all together.  Their actual anniversary is in about 3 weeks!

I put together a 500+ picture slideshow that spanned from 1945-present.  It was so neat to see life happen sequentially!

The boys got to spend time on the beach every day we were there.  Silly mommy didn't really think it would be that warm down there, so the boys wore either their jeans...or just underwear. :)  Oh well, there weren't many people down there to see it. 

My Grandma and Aunt came for dinner on Thursday.  It was fun to spend time with them!

Alex and Andrew are only about 4 months apart.  They enjoyed coloring together...or just ignoring each other, as 2 year olds sometimes do.

Will is the other California cousin.  Here he is posing with Caleb.

It was truly a great weekend.  I don't think I would change a thing.  Congrats Mike and Liz!  We wish you a life time of love and happiness!

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The Vazquez Family said...

What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! I love the slide show idea that you did...perfect! Welcome back to the blogging world, you have been missed DEARLY!