Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beach Trip 2009!

Before we lost the baby, I was planning to log about our great trip to Ocean City, MD which had happened just the week prior. We hadn't been to the beach in almost two years and the boys were SO disappointed that we hadn't gone last year, so we knew we needed to make it happen. Fortunately we blessed with parents/in-laws that really enjoy spending time with us and our children, so Philip's parents joined us for the week. God blessed us with an amazing townhouse to rent which was just a block off the bay and a 3 minute drive to the ocean. It was the perfect location! We arrived on Sunday afternoon and by Sunday evening the boys had their toes in the water. The weather this year has been really strange, and this week at the beach was no exception. It was a little cool and we had a few days of rain, but we had such a great time!

Caleb's highlights were jumping the waves and building sandcastles.

Joshua enjoyed running in and out of the water and smashing the sandcastles. :)

Andrew really didn't like anything about the beach, except being outside. He didn't like the sand (wrong texture!). He didn't like the water (too cold!). Oh well. Maybe next year.

One of the rainy days, my in-laws took the older boys to Assateague Island, which is only about 30 minutes from Ocean City. They had a great time and saw lots of the wild ponies. We all went back on our way out of town. It was amazing to see that that day Assateague Island was it's own weather microcosism. It was sunny and warm on the mainland, but as soon as we crossed over the bridge and went out onto the beach, it was grey, foggy, windy and chilly! This didn't deter the boys from having a blast. They were instructed they could get their feet wet, but not to get wet above the knees. You can imagine how successful they were in following directions. Yeah...totally soaked by the time they were done. Oh well. You're only young once. :)

Some of the pretty ponies:

Here's the beautiful sunset from the first night. We could watch the sunset over the water from the front balcony of the townhouse, although this was taken down by the bay.

Proof that I was there. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe you should read the Misty and Stormy books to the boys now that they have been to the "setting." I bet Caleb would love them.

Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

how much fun! Great pic of the two of you and the first one of the older boys is great - they almost look like twins they are so close in size!