Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Happenings

First let me say how touched I was by the outpouring of love and support we received last month when we found out we'd lost the baby. The messages, meals and prayers were a God-send and we appreciate each one of them.

A month later (tomorrow), I am doing fine. I seem to have emotionally recovered from the loss (although past experience has taught me the grief could surge up at any time, so who knows), and life is back to "normal". It's almost like the whole thing never happened. Sort of.

Anyway, as you may recall, I requested testing be done on the baby to see if any problems showed up and to find out the gender of the baby. You may recall my theory that all the babies I was losing were girls. So, this morning I was finally able to receive the results. The chromosomal analysis showed nothing wrong with the baby. And that it was a BOY. So, my theory is out the window. Which is good and bad. Good in that maybe I will actually be able to have a blood-daughter one day. Bad because it means we are no closer to knowing why this baby didn't make it. If you think of us, pray that we will have wisdom going forward and that God will bless us in His timing with the next child He has for us...and that I, in particular, will have peace in the meantime.

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Laura P said...

getting caught up. . .thanks for sharing this. i know it's nice to have answers, but hard to not have a solution. so sorry. will continue to pray.

on happier notes. . .glad to read about your beach trip and your long date weekend! that's fun. and homeschooling seems to be going great! very cool.