Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh Boy...

So, Philip has a reputation around our house of almost always buying the wrong thing or paying the wrong price for it when he goes to the grocery store. For this reason, he doesn't go very often. :) Well, last night he stopped by to get a few things for me and decided to buy me some flowers "for no reason". (I maintain that any flowers received +/- 1 week from an event such a Valentines Day, Anniversary or Birthday when no other flowers are received for the actual event cannot be "for no reason" and really default to the reason of the event...but that's another story!) So, anyway, we now have some pretty flowers on the kitchen table. This morning I had a conversation with Caleb that went like this:

C: "Where are the flowers from?"
A: "They are from Daddy, for our anniversary"
C: "But where are they FROM?"
A: "They are from the grocery store"
C: "Which one?"
A: "From Giant"
C: "Did Daddy buy them?"
A: "Yes"
C: "Did he buy the wrong thing?"
A: "Well, not in this case"
C: "Were they too expensive?"
A: "No, I don't think so"
C: "Are you sure? Because Daddy always pays too much or buys the wrong things when he goes to the grocery store!"
A: "Ahh...welll...that may be true, but not in this particular case"

Oh boy....

We still laugh at a conversation that Philip had with Caleb at Home Depot about 2 years ago. When I am shopping with the boys we always talk about the price of things and how we don't buy things if they are too expensive. So, Caleb and Philip were at HD looking for a box of roofing nails we he needed to repair the roof (which costs about $2). Caleb says to Philip, "we have to check the price because if they are too expensive, we can't buy them!" LOL Philip assured that Caleb that we could afford the $2 for the box! Hey, never too early to teach them to be thrifty, right?!

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LAURA said...

you crack me up the way you word things. . .esp. the thoughts pre/post-event flowers. . hilarous. ive just cought up on the last few posts and have laughed out loud alot. so funny. love the convo between caleb and joshua about talking to God. . ."nevermind". And sweet andew's littel expressions. . cracks me up.
fun posts. . ..